Customer Testimonial - Oakwood Apartments

Tanjah Adams, Property Manager of Oakwood Apartments in Jacksonville, is pleased with the value and savings her property and tenants have received through the Entergy Solutions Multifamily Homes Program

After Adams signed up for air conditioning tune-ups through the program, an authorized trade ally performed maintenance on over 200 air conditioner units at Oakwood. These tune-ups covered evaluation of the energy efficiency of the equipment and any adjustments needed for efficient operation, saving both time and money. 

The air conditioning tune-ups alone will save about 688,000 kWh per year. The Entergy Arkansas energy efficiency program provided incentives to help cover the cost of the tune-ups. 

“Tenants stated their monthly Entergy bill is less after the tune-up,” said Adams. She has also noticed the number of air conditioner-related maintenance calls have dropped off. 

Adams had the trade ally perform duct sealing, another energy efficiency measure offered by the Multifamily Homes Program in 140 units at Oakwood. The duct sealing work will save over 412,000 kWh per year. Plus, incentives provided by the program helped cover the cost of the duct sealing work performed by the trade ally. 

The Multifamily Homes Program is a benefit to both residents and owners at Oakwood Apartments. Saving energy and money for tenants and adding value to the property is a win-win. 

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